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Since September 2013 we are running the Restaurant and Hotel Kogge in the heart of the maritime and charming city of Elsfleth. It is very important for us that you feel comfortable in the Kogge and that you are happy after your visit! Whether you live in the beautiful district of the Wesermarsch, are on business, on holiday by bike or boat - a visit to us is worth the journey. We look forward to welcome you.

Your Team of the Kogge

History of the House //

Elsfleth Maritime School

The history of this maritime house is inseparably linked with the history of Elsfleth. Elsfleth is the third largest municipality of the Wesermarsch and one of the oldest towns on the Lower Weser. Above all, the confluence of the river Weser, the river Hunte and its proximity to the North Sea predestined Elsfleth for early shipping and shipbuilding. Even today, the town is still closely linked to seafaring and the training of young maritime talents. The navigation school, founded in 1832, later became the Seefahrtsschule Elsfleth (Elsfleth Maritime School), which is now affiliated to the Jade Hochschule Wilhelmshaven / Oldenburg / Elsfleth as the maritime faculty. International Transport Management, Maritime Management and Maritime and Port Economics can now also be studied at this location.

%Kogge Elsfleth Restaurant Hotel%
%Kogge Elsfleth Restaurant Hotel%

House Visurgis

Out of the maritime tradition it was obvious, that in 1904 some navigation students at that time founded the "Nautische Verbindung Visurgis" in order to cultivate similarities and also to be a point of contact for the members of the association. In order to keep common things alive with joy, even if one had long left the active business of seafaring behind. This association, which cultivated camaraderie and emphasized both the cheerfulness and the seriousness of the profession, soon became an important factor in the social life of the city. The members of the association chose the then "Haus Visurgis" as their clubhouse and have been using the restaurant for their meetings, events and festivities ever since.

A shanty every two hours

The house itself has one of the most beautiful sights to offer: The clock, which, in conjunction with the carillon, is a spectacle for the eyes and ears every day. In 1988 Renate Janssen discovered the rusty dial with the watch hands, which had been owned by the maritime school until 1871, in the city of "Oberhammelwarden". It acquired the good piece for a price of 500 DM. After the restoration and the installation of an automatic clockwork by the clock construction company Hemmer from Bruchhausen-Vilsen. The clock shining in new splendour, was attached to the Haus Visurgis and extended by a chime, which plays since 8.00 o'clock every two hours a shanty sound. Every half and every full hour a ship's bell is struck. The founder family and shipping company H. W. Janssen would like to express their gratitude to the camaraderie of Visurgis: "Ever since the nautical camaraderie of Visurgis was founded, it has maintained contact with seamen all over the world. With this she strengthened the comradeship and the "feeling of belonging to Elsfleth".

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